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Fuyang Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd. - float hoop shoes

Fuyang Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd. - float hoop shoes

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It is used to guide the casing into the well and adjust the buoyancy of the casing string when the casing is under the cement. When cementing, prevent the cement from flowing back into the casing and 

1. Product role:

It is used to guide the casing into the well and adjust the buoyancy of the casing string when the casing is under the cement. When cementing, prevent the cement from flowing back into the casing and the seat rubber plug.

2. Structural features:

It can withstand high temperature, high pressure, erosion resistance, stable and reliable valve body movement, and can withstand reverse back pressure of 35Mpa and high temperature resistance of 180°C. The spring is reset and sealed. The core is made of drillable material and has drillability. It is an ideal cementing string accessory. The floating hoop is added to the non-rotating baffle and used together with the non-rotating rubber plug. The gland on the floating hoop core body has an adaptive meshing ball groove or a tooth-shaped groove, and the self-aligning meshing is not formed when the rubber plug is formed. The characteristics of rotation improve the efficiency of the plug.

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