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    Puyang Zhong Shi Group Co., Ltd.

  • Puyang Zhong Shi Group Co., Ltd.

    Puyang Zhong Shi Group Co., Ltd.

  • Puyang Zhong Shi Group Co., Ltd.

    Puyang Zhong Shi Group Co., Ltd.

Floating hoop

Cement float hoop shoes

Anti-rotation float hoop

Non-drillable floating hoop floating shoes

Plug-in float hoop

Flexible centralizer

Rigid centralizer

Resin rigid centralizer

Cast aluminum rigid centralizer

Semi-rigid centralizer

Rigid roller centralizer

Single plug cement head

Double plug cement head

Clamp type cement head

Ultra high pressure double plug cement head

Drill pipe cement head

Simple cement head

Top wire stop ring

Clamp type snap ring

Ordinary cementing plug

Anti-rotation cementing plug

Casing head

Casing head cross

Casing hanger

Christmas tree

Tubing head

High pressure anti-sulfur recovery (gas) wellhead

Water injection wellhead device

Water injection wellhead device

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Automatic pipelining production line

Fumigation free wooden case

24 hours service

Full automatic numerical control machining

We are a manufacturer, from the procurement of raw materials to the production of products can be completed independently, so production costs and labor costs have compressed space to be able to achieve the most preferential prices to supply.

We can assure you of the fastest delivery time.

The 60 cement heads sent to Venezuela passed the inspection of the Tianjin SGS testing center.

The 20 thousand sets of centralizer sent to Sultan were examined by Moody's company in Shanghai.

We have passed API-5CT, API-10D, API-6A certification of the American Petroleum Institute. It is a 15-year uninterrupted API certification enterprise. We have rich experience in quality control. For many years, the third-party inspection organization of export products has passed  inspection.

20 years of production experience and

complete export qualification.

The 200 sets of floating hoop shoes sent to the UAE were passed by the Norway classification society.

API product certificate is complete.

High precision measuring tool

2 times work stress test


Yantai Jerry annually purchases 20-30 sets of cement heads for foreign projects.

Purchase 20 sets of casing head and wellhead EE and FF each year.

Canadian foreign buyer 40 thousand resilient centralizer



Fuyang Zhongshi Group produces 丨Singe cement head 丨 exported overseas
Fuyang Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of cement heads. An important cementing device for cement head products during cementing operations.
Puyang Zhongshi Group entered the API certificate review period
On November 1, 2017, all API certificates of Xiangyang Zhongshi Group have expired and officially entered the audit stage today!
Fuyang Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd. - float hoop shoes
It is used to guide the casing into the well and adjust the buoyancy of the casing string when the casing is under the cement. When cementing, prevent the cement from flowing back into the casing and
20 years of rain and shine, only to serve customers
Although the weather was not good, it was heavy rain, but all the employees of our company did not slack off. On the one hand, the workshop workers are intensively processing and producing


Q: Is the cementing tool of Zhongshi Group supplied domestically or abroad?
China Stone Group single plug cement head delivery preparation!
Fuyang Zhongshi Group float hoop shoes are ready for stocking!
Q: Is the cementing tool of Zhongshi Group supplied domestically or abroad?
Puyang Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd. was originally a Zhongyuan Oilfield. It was restructured in 1997. It has been engaged in the production of petroleum equipment and tools such as cementing tools and wel
Introduction to cementing plugs of Fuyang Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd.
The Bottom Cementing Plug is designed to exert continuous pressure on the casing wall. The core is made of special materials such as Plastic
Large-scale analysis of cementing plugs in Fuyang Zhongshi Group
Fuyang Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of cementing tools and wellhead devices. It has 20 years of experience in the petroleum industry and is a first-class supplier of
Puyang Zhongshi Group produces cementing plugs | cementing plug manufacturers | characteristics of cementing plugs
Cementing plug, used to isolate different liquids during cementing operations, loading rubber products in cement heads.

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